We test and co-develop to make your product succesful. We see opportunities in every obstacle.

Let us develop together a reliable product, combining your experise with our experience and top-level technologies. Our assets: accredited development lab with in-house manufacturing (6000 sqm facilities) and engineering teams (160+ FTEs) with over 30 years of experience, 275+ clients, more than 2.000 projects / yr, automotive / aerospace / rail / r&d and special production segments. Ready to listen. 


All in a secure environment: we know how valuable your data is. We provide references discreetly.

We care about the data security and protecting your know-how. We guarantee the safety of your data and tested samples thanks to top technologies and specially adapted infrastructure of our company, in both the informational and physical areas - come and see for yourself.

We work for leaders in automotive (OEMs, TIER 1-3), aviation and space programs, research institutions, manufacturers of railway vehicles and others. We respect trade secrets and discretion. We therefore do not provide references on this web presentation and, subject to the customers' permission, we will be happy to provide them during a personal meeting.


Testing Laboratory Services

Just 120 km from Prague, in town called Hoøice you can find our ISO/EIC 17025:2018 accredited laboratory for components testing. We offer a variety of variable material tests, mechanical tests, electro-emission system tests and vehicle system tests.

Train Validation Support

Validation of technical, safety and operational requirements for the operation of trains on the test track. 
Our permanent staff at the VUZ Test Centre Velim supports European leaders in testing new rolling stock.

  • Expert team of project management, test engineers and trouble-shooters working in three shifts mode
  • Team certified to work with electrical equipment and work at heights
  • On-board testing and troubleshooting support during static and dynamic shifts
  • Preparing the train for tests (sensors and measuring devices)
  • Measuring, evaluating and reporting the effectiveness of static and dynamic shifts
  • High-Quality technical premises and team support at the parent company in Hoøice
Test execution coordination
Certified train management
Train troubleshooting
Train validation
Train validation support

Special Equipment Production


CAD, eCAD, CAE, Stark

Just come to us, we will take care of your convenience and the quality of your product.

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We are the best-equipped testing lab in CEE, supporting the best producers of automotive or aerospace components in their development, accredited tests, special test equipment or demanding parts production.

Since 1993

Our company was founded in 1993 and originally operated under the SWELL brand. In 2016, it was taken over by the multinational group Altran and later by its new parent company Capgemini.


During this period, our Czech management gained additional experience with complex international projects and, in addition to our company, also managed other entities in Austria, Germany, or Slovakia.


Thanks to this cooperation, we have also expanded our professional expertise - for example, in the production of top equipment for tests in the field of passive safety of cars or in the field of airbag testing. After the management buy-out of our company supported by BHS investment fund, completed in September 2023, we continue to operate as an independent Czech company, thus returning to our roots, under the new brand Tiyo.


About People

We are a team that knows that even in the absolutely precise process of technical development and testing, fun and adventure can be hidden. New challenges motivate us to new solutions.

Our expert teams are made up of engineers and technicians who are also handymen. Even with complex projects that no one has done before us, we dig first into the very physics of the technical assignment, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We design new testing methodologies, build new equipment, often the the first of its kind. With conventional technologies, a little ingenuity, and courage, we bring unconventional solutions while respecting the strict standards.

We set a a high bar in recruiting new members of our team. Our values ​​as hard work, expertise, honesty, openness, partnership, courage, adventure, learning.

Thanks to the integrity, our already more than 150-member team remains a solid partner, valued by already more than 250 customers. Thank you! Join us :)

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